Haunted Overload

by Ann Mary Paccia on October 5th, 2009
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24 October, 2009
7:00 pmto11:00 pm

Join us at Haunted Overload at Coppal House Farm in Lee, NH. Scary enough to make you wet your pants! We’re doing the 7pm show. Tickets are available online. Price is $17.50.


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  • Jerome

    We were very disappointed when they cancled Saturday night for Rain. What a little thunder and lightning to a Newenglander? Pish

    Last year’s giant jack-o-lantern on the barn is replaced with the coolest 40′ high scare crow I’ve ever seen. The only 40′ high scare crow I’ve ever seen for that matter.

    Ann Mary and I went to the make up tonight. It was Awsom. They’ve expanded the beginning to include a corn maze complete with maw and paw. Yes, chainsaw guy is back but we were fortunate enough to get into the corn maze before he could catch up to us…. you’re safe in the corn :o)

    The jack-o-lantern garden is cooler than ever. several new haunted trees and an enormous wicked witch were added. Either I’m getting older or the kids are getting creepier. While waiting in the jack-o-lantern garden I noticed that a few will jump out at you but most creep up behind you while you’re admiring the carvings.

    The main maze is almost twice as long as before. They’ve added a circus with penny-wise and all her friends. A grave yard with coffins pushed up out of the ground is also new. Last year I had no problem discerning gouls from props, not so this year. While some props are obvious (like a 10′ high demon from Pandora’s Box but most are indistinguishable from gouls. I’m still not sure of the witch at the end of the jack-o-lantern garden is real or if the dead child just after entering the maze was really live.

    At one point we decided to follow two security people in hopes that we’d be safe. Ha, that just meant the gouls would wait until we passed and creep up behind us. I was sure one of the ware wolfs was going to follow us all the way home. There is no real alternative once you’ve entered the maze, if you’re not wearing depends you should have a clean dry pair of shorts waiting in the car for the ride home.

    Well, there is one more chance to join the gang for a frighful evening. Several of the club that planned to go last night are meeting at Deb and Jay’s on Friday night for the other make up night. They’re all planning to go to the 7:30 pm tour then meet back at Deb and Jay’s for a stiff shot to calm the nerves and chase away the bad dreams.

    Have Fun… we did!